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Previously known as Altitude Training Cycling Tour, APEX Cycling is the evolution of the company.

We've kept the same successful ingredients, added some extra spices to it and turned it into a new recipe of incredible experiences, events of a lifetime and much more !

APEX team has expanded to cover an always growing demand, enhance the qualities of our services and make sure you guys have the best time ever.

We offer a wide range of cycling tours, training camps and support packages. 

Experience the famous Strade Bianche, train with us under the Spanish sunshine in Calpe, or ask us to create your own cycling tour !


APEX Motorsport is offering physio and coaching support to motorsports teams and racing drivers.

We bring our experience and expertise from cycling into motorsports.

Motorsports is a very physical sports and intensity is always high, mentally and physically.

It's a high octane sport where every percent counts !

APEX team is here to support and coach drivers, anticipate racing situations, solve problems quicker and push the team forward to over-achieve .

We have a strong experience in Sprint and Endurance races, in several championships with drivers coming from all over the world.


APEX Coaching goes through all the aspects of human performance. Nothing is left aside, we go into the small details, with the great help of our performance partners.

Teaming up with prestigious brands like Neversecond, Supersapiens, Whoop and Altitude Training allows our coaches to have insights into your performances like never before.

Because of APEX Group polyvalence, we can incorporate training camps and races into your training program very easily, keeping everything within the small bubble and sharing all informations with ease.

Step up your game and benefits the best training packages on the market !


APEX Media captures moments and memories, the good and the bad, the highs and lows, the wins and loses, the smiles and the tears.

Through an expert push of a small button, we transform millisecond moments into something that will last for eternity.

You are a cycling or motorsport team, a sport club, a brand or a group of friends, APEX Media will immortalise your best memories.

Build your brands, have the luxury to enjoy the moments and rely on us to capture them.

Leave us the post-production to make you feel and look more pro than ever before.

We capture the reasons why we love sports.

AltitudeTrainingNoir White.png

Altitude Training has been offering hypoxic training systems for nearly two decades to professional athletes, amateurs, teams, institutions, horse trainers and much more.

Training at altitude is known to be for years a true boost of your metabolism.

We bring altitude home for you.

Altitude Training has worked with few of the best athletes in their discipline, has built hotel rooms with variable altitude, and is forerunner in hypoxic training systems for horses.

Our altitude tents are also available for renting, which makes it a perfect tool for a one off important goal.

Exceed your expectations, push your limits further than before and reach new highs with us.

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